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Yotor Farmers Association is focused on supporting smallholder farmers, in Ethiopia, with everything they need to grow more food and support their basic need. Building a mutually beneficial relationship with the farmers utilizing local expertise and a global perspective, Yotor envisions a world where farmers have big harvests, healthy families and rich soil. Get engaged and donate to support these Ethiopian farmers.

How we serve

focus on local impact with global Support


Food security

Our objective is to raise sufficient resources to enable us to provide the necessary support to achieve food security for our farmers.



We provide customized training and education to our farmers in collaboration with regional universities, youths and other stakeholders.


market facilitation

We aim to facilitate the provision of our farmers yield to markets where they can increase or generate income to support their families and communities.


A Few Words About Us

Yotor is initially focused on providing a lending hand to our farmers in the Amhara region.

Although our immediate focus is to enable our farmers to increase their harvests and their food security, our communities face multifaceted challenges in areas such as unemployment, health, education and we are determined to lend a helping hand subject to our resource capacity.

This Is Why

You should Support us

local experts

We work closely with local university graduates, youths with deep farming background and farming experts who know the areas intimately.

Quality Services

We provision access to reliable inputs, knowledge and tools. Regular inspections are conducted to ensure it meets the needs of our farmers.

immediate impact

We equip farmers to transition from subsistence farming to become commercially aware and improve their income.

an intense desire to succeed matched with laser focused determination to lend a helping hand

This is a documentary film, in Amharic, about our farmers in the northern Amhara region of Ethiopia. 

Some of Our

farm community members

Let us help our farmers to enhance their quality of life by harnessing their knowledge coupled with our resources to reducing their burden, increase their harvest and make them self sufficient.