Facts About Doberman Dogs, Reliable Guards

Facts About Doberman Dogs, Reliable Guards

Feel the need to get a dog to guard the house? Don’t worry, this time Animalogi will discuss Doberman dogs which are very suitable for this activity. Not only that, this type of dog can also be a loyal and close friend to its owner. A complete package, right? If so, let’s just look at the complete information below.

Doberman Dog, Brave and Intelligent Guard Dog

The Doberman pinscher is one of the most popular types of guard dogs. Even abroad, this dog is not only used as a house guard, but also as a livestock guard.

The word pinscher itself comes from French, you know, Animalovers. The meaning is “to seize” or “bite”. It is said that this name was chosen due to the use of this dog which is usually relied on to catch pests and bullies on farms.

Dobermans are classified as dogs that have a medium-large body. The normal weight for male dogs ranges from 40 – 45 kilograms, while the height is 67 – 71 centimeters. For female Dobermans, the size is slightly smaller, namely 32 – 35 kilograms and 64 – 67 centimeters.

There are still many interesting things we can know about this type of guard dog. Want to know what they are? Here are seven facts about the Doberman dog breed that Animalovers would be a shame to miss.

The Doberman Pinscher dog’s agility and intelligence as a guard are not just created out of thin air. That’s because this dog was originally deliberately bred from crossing several dog breeds.

It is not yet clear which dog breed was the origin of the first Doberman dog, namely Louis Doberman. Judging from the similarities, researchers assume that these breeds could be the German Pinscher, Beauceron, Rottweiler, and Weimaraner.

The opinion that Dobermans are mixed breed dogs is also supported by the fact that they have complex characteristics. Because apart from being a guard dog that tends to be fierce and aggressive, Dobermans can also be good and loyal pets.

According to, an organization that deals with pedigrees of purebred dogs, Dobermans can also come from several other breeds, such as the Old Shorthaired Shepherd, Black Terrier, Greyhound, Pointer, and Great Dane.

The reason why Dobermans often accompany the police is because of their intelligence. This intelligence can be trained to the point where they are able to assist the police in the process of tracking or investigating cases.

In fact, the National War Dog Cemetery in Guam has a bronze statue made to honor the service of many Dobermans who died during missions in the Battle of Guam II.

Sensitivity is actually the weakness of the Doberman pinscher. They get this deficiency naturally because they are mixed breed dogs. The most sensitive areas of a doberman are its ears and tail.

Doberman ears tend to hang limply and their tails are quite thin and long. This shape of the ears and tail can reduce its effectiveness as a guard dog. Moreover, drooping ears are also more susceptible to infections.

Today, there is a practice of docking or clipping that can give Dobermans pointy ears and short tails. This practice is common, especially among Dobermans being groomed to become police dogs. Even so, some parties still believe that the practice of docking is cruel and should not be carried out.

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