Best Frozen Food Brands 2023

Best Frozen Food Brands 2023

One type of food that is much sought after ahead of the month of Ramadan is frozen food. The easy way to cook it and the taste that is liked by all ages makes this frozen food a practical solution as a side dish when breaking the fast or eating sahur.

Not to mention that this frozen food is also available in a variety of choices. Starting from those made from chicken meat or processed fish. The amount of nutrients contained in it is sufficient for daily nutritional needs when compared with vegetables and other complementary foods according to

1. Fiesta

In Indonesia, you could say that the Fiesta brand is one of the pioneers of frozen food and is the most popular. This brand is also easy to find, from traditional markets to even supermarkets.

One of the things that makes Fiesta popular is its innovation in presenting various variants of frozen food products. Starting from chicken nuggets with different flavors, chicken wings, karaage, cordon bleu, fried potatoes to sausages.

2. So Good

Apart from Fiesta, this brand is also well known by the Indonesian people in general. So Good is known for its chicken nugget product variants which have a unique shape to attract children’s hearts. They come in various shapes, ranging from alphabet variants, animal shapes, to those made from vegetable ingredients.

Apart from nuggets, So Good also has other frozen food variants such as karaage, chicken katsu, meatballs, sausages and others. For 400 gram packaged chicken nuggets, So Good prices start from IDR 35 thousand.

3. Kanzler

Entering the premium market class, Kanzler is quite common on the market. Even though it is premium, this brand can be found in traditional markets and retail markets close to home.

One of its flagship products is sausage, which is of the best quality. The meat is tasty, thick and has a distinctive texture. Apart from that, this German brand also offers Frankfurt sausages with various flavors such as blackpepper and garlic. For 500 gram packaged sausages, you can get them starting from IDR 45 thousand.

4. Belfoods

Belfoods is one of the affordable frozen foods that can be found on the market today. However, this brand still maintains the quality and variety of its products so that it can compete with other brands.

They even divide their products into three categories, namely Belfoods Royal, Belfoods, and the Uenaaak variant! which is the cheapest variant. Each variant also comes with more than one product, namely chicken nuggets, crispy chicken, chicken meatball and chicken sausage. For the cheapest variant, Belfoods Chicken Nugget Stick measuring 250 grams is priced at only IDR 15 thousand.

5. Sunfish

Frozen food is not only synonymous with fried processing methods. There is also frozen food which is specifically for boiled foods such as soup or shabu shabu. An example is the Cheese Fish Ball product from the Sunfish brand.

These Cheese Fish Balls are very suitable as a filling for soup or shabu shabu combined with various vegetables and thin slices of meat inside. Children will easily like these fish balls because they contain melted cheese which tastes delicious and makes them addicted. Cheese Fish Ball from Sunfish is priced at IDR 30 thousand for each 500 gram packaging.

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