5 Best Light Festivals in the World, Amaze You!

5 Best Light Festivals in the World, Amaze You!

Several countries have various forms of celebration, one of which is the festival of lights. From hundreds of thousands of candle-lit sky lanterns sailing across the dark night sky in Taipei to the world’s largest floating Christmas tree in Rio, these festivals of light are sure to leave you in awe and awe with a true appreciation of innovative contemporary art according to apopka rotary fair.

1. Fete des Lumieres – Lyon, France

Even though Paris may be known as the City of Lights (La Ville-Lumiere), the city of Lyon in France is also not to be outdone. More than 70 light installations and fireworks displays are scattered throughout the city during the Fete des Lumieres, with every building, street, square, park and corner in sight illuminated with colorful lights.

2. Diwali, India

One of the biggest Hindu festivals in India is Diwali. For 5 consecutive days, Hindus from all over India celebrate Diwali which is also known as the Festival of Lights. This festival signifies the spiritual victory of light over darkness and good over evil.

Colorful fireworks and diyas (small clay lamps) and candles are placed around the house. Not to mention the millions of lights all over rooftops, on doorsteps, window sills, temples, city buildings, and more making the entire country seem flooded with beautiful light.

3. Christmas – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

When you think of Rio de Janeiro, you will usually imagine sandy beaches, surfing, and of course the world’s biggest street party, aka the carnival.

Every year, since 1995, cariocas (residents of Rio de Janeiro) gather at Rodrigo de Frietas Lagoon to light the world’s largest floating Christmas tree in water. This giant tree floats in the middle of the lagoon, is 85 meters high and weighs almost 542 tons. More than 3.1 million lights illuminate the trees and lagoon with beautiful festive colors and new color patterns that change every minute.

4. Vivid Festival – Sydney, Australia

Vivid Festival is Sydney’s premier winter event. During the festival, the entire city, including iconic landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbor Bridge are filled with beautiful light art that is mesmerizing to look at.

There are more than 90 installations and projections throughout the city produced by some of the world’s leading light artists. Also included are a number of musical performances and many other events.

The festival takes place every year in July, during the Australian winter.

5. Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival – Taipei, Taiwan

For a truly unforgettable experience, nothing beats the awe-inspiring sight of several hundred thousand candlelit paper lanterns floating across the night sky in serene harmony.

Originally releasing lit lanterns into the night sky was an old tradition that let people from the surrounding area know that the city was safe. But nowadays, the Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival is an annual event to celebrate peace and goodness.

Known locally as the “Fireworks of the South” or “Sky Lanterns of the North,” tens of thousands of festivalgoers gather each year in early March to write messages of personal wishes and dreams and release them into the night sky. Around 100,000-200,000 paper lanterns were released during this 3-day event.

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