7 Most Influential World Footballers of All Time

7 Most Influential World Footballers of All Time

Football has become the most favorite sport in the world. Many great players have been born since ancient times until now, from the Pele era to Lionel Messi.

An indicator of a great footballer is the achievements achieved with the club and national team. Not just the number of appearances and goals, but they also have a big influence on the sport.

1. Ferenc Puskas

Ferenc Puskas is a football legend from Hungary. Not sometimes a footballer, Puskas is also considered a cultural and identity icon of the country.

Ferenc Puskas was born in Kispest, Budapest on April 1 1927. His football career began when he played for Kispest AC in 1943 which later changed its name to Budapest Honved FC according to

2. Sir Bobby Charlton

Sir Bobby Charlton is known as a legend of the England and Manchester United national teams. Understandably, Sir Bobby Charlton achieved success which made his name known to these two teams.

Sir Bobby Charlton played for Manchester United from 1956-1973. In his service with the Red Devils, Sir Bobby Charlton managed to make 606 appearances and score 199 goals.

3. Diego Maradona

Diego Maradona is a football icon from Argentina. Maradona achieved a series of achievements at club and national team level.

Maradona has played for Boca Junior, Barcelona and Napoli. The peak of his success took place in Naples. Maradona is recorded as having won two Serie A titles, a Coppa Italia title, a Supercoppa Italiania and a UEFA Cup.

4. Pele

Pele is a football legend from Brazil. Throughout his career, Pele was known as a sharp player who scored hundreds of goals.

Pele only played for two clubs in his career as a footballer, namely Santos and New York Cosmos. With Santos, Pele successfully scored 569 goals in 583 matches between 1956-1974.

Pele also successfully presented prestigious titles such as six Brazilian Serie A trophies to 10 Campeonato Paulista trophies. Meanwhile, with the New York Cosmos, Pele successfully scored 37 goals in 64 matches between 1975-1977.

5. Zinedine Zidane

Zinedine Zidane is a living legend from France. Throughout his career, Zidane was noted for success as a player and coach.

Zidane achieved success as a player at Juventus and Real Madrid. Zidane successfully presented two Serie A titles for Juventus and one European Super Cup title.

As for Real Madrid, Zidane presented one La Liga title and the Champions League. At national team level, Zidane played a role in presenting the 2000 European Cup title.

6. Iker Cassilas

Iker Casillas is a football legend from Spain. Casillas has an important role in Real Madrid and the Spanish national team.

Iker Casillas is noted for successfully presenting five La Liga titles and three Champions League trophies for Real Madrid. As for Porto, Casillas managed to win one league title.

Casillas also achieved peak success at national team level. Casillas is a tough goalkeeper in goal for the Spanish National Team.

7. Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo can be said to be the most successful footballer of all time. Ronaldo achieved success at club and national team level.

Ronaldo achieved this success with Manchester United, Real Madrid and Juventus. Ronaldo presented three Premier League titles and one Champions League trophy for Manchester United.

Meanwhile, Ronaldo also managed to present two La Liga titles and four Champions League trophies for Real Madrid. Meanwhile, with Juventus, Ronaldo also contributed two Serie A trophies.

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