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Frequently Asked Questions

Please click on the green donate button to be taken to our online payment form.

Our projects page will update the individual projects and initiatives on a regular basis when significant progress have been made. However, if you have any immediate question, don’t hesitate to email us at

In order to address immediate food insecurity needs and build our capacity, we are working hard to identify individual and institutional donors to provide financial support. Any financial donation you can provide, will be greatly appreciated, thank you!

Farming is the foundation of our society. Our farmers are determined, hard working and eager to work. However, witnessing the lack of resources coupled with the challenges of their day to day life, prompted us to ask ” what can we do to make a difference” and we found like minded individuals and pooled our resources together to start providing assistance to our farmers.

You can become a financial donor, provide expertise to our local project owners, and help us to connect with national and international organizations that can help us to grow. Please use the contact form on our Contact page to send us a message.