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Alleviating food insecurity is Yotor’s main human-centered project. Following rigorous assessment on the state of food security of our farmers in selected areas of the Amhara region, Yotor has prepared four pilot projects to alleviate food insecurity challenges that are persistent in some drought prone areas,

Gondar: Wegera Wereda, Taga Kebele

Although Yotor consider all four of these projects to be equally important, currently, it has started implementation activities of the pilot project in Gondar.  The major activities of this project are as follows: 

  • Extracting underground water for drinking and farming purposes.
  • Promoting irrigation system of the underground water to grow crops two or three times a year, initially targeting household use.
  • Provide and install generators and other essential materials for farming activities.
  • Diversification of food culture of the the locals by planting, cultivating and preparing new food items such as Enset and Sesames.
  • Planting seed for agricultural productivity and environmental protection.

Who will benefit from this project?

  • Local farmers who have fragmented farming system.
  • Unemployed youths.
  • Most vulnerable victims of persist food insecurity such as women and children.
  • Non participating farmers of the project, they will gain education and experience.
  • Local government entities.

Phases of the project

Phase 1: preparation

This phase includes the study of the project areas, preparation of the project proposal and awareness creation among the local communities regarding the goal, objectives and how it will benefit them. This includes preparation of an action plan and fund collection for the demonstration phase. 

Phase 2: Demonstration

The objective of this phase is to demonstrate the solution meets its intended target.

Phase 3: Extension

During this phase, project owner identifies lessons learned and shares the knowledge gained, during the project lifecycle, to other parts of the Wereda. Upon conclusion of the project, the project owner will hand over the project to the local government and the representatives of the local farmers.

Vertical and Surface Farming Project

Yotor food security projects

A Nonprofit Fundraiser Supporting Farmers To Supplement Their Food Production And Train Them In Vertical And Surface Farming.

A project executed and implemented jointly by Yotor Farmers Association in Ethiopia is targeting farmers in Ethiopia to supplement their food production and to train them to farm easily using alternative techniques to fast produce fruits & vegetables like potatoes, tomatoes, spinach and so. The project focuses on sack farming which is to be done vertical or on the surface.   

The benefits of this farming method include: 

  •   It gives three folds of the normal production
  •  It uses a very small amount of water
  •  It grows clean from various types of weeds
  •  It is possible to farm in small, medium, or large sizes of spaces
  •  It can grow organic just by using the natural soil
  •  It is not dependent on fertilizer availability or price fluctuations. So, it will eliminate all the hassles related to fertilizers
  •  It is not expensive and can be done with a small amount of capital

This project is at its infant stage and the targeted community is in dire need. Your support means everything. Please, donate what you can. Any amount is appreciated!

Yotor's Geologist Research Result

Water is essential to our farmers. This video, in Amharic, is a documentary film that provides insights on how the geological assessment , in Gondar, was conducted in pursuit of identifying reliable water sources.

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Gojjam: Enebsie Sarmidir Wereda, Kebele 23

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